Methodology Module Plans

For the next module, I’ve decided to work with the visualization of a set of data, or “seeing all the things.” My plan is to take scans of the pages of three horror graphic novels that I own and compare the color palettes to one another. I’ll create a composite image using the IMJ program developed by my professor, and see what observations I can make. I’ll be doing this for 30 Days of Night, the first volume of Revival, and the first volume of Nailbiter. I expect the first one listed to feature a lot of black, blue, and white towards the beginning, eventually including a LOT of red when the vampires finally show up to the setting of Barrow, Alaska. Other than that, there’s a fair amount of blood in each collection, and it should be interesting to see if that change in the palette occurs at roughly the same time over the lengths of the books. They all feature a fair amount of gratuitous violence, but the overall spread is another thing I’ll be analyzing.

The only thing that worries me is the designing of an attractive web page. Coding has never been my strong suit, but HTML doesn’t look too intimidating, nothing like Python or Ruby or some other esoteric grouping of letters, numbers, and various brackets. I think if I put some time into going through the codecademy lessons introduced to us at the beginning of the semester, I should be fine. The great thing is that I have the Digital Knowledge Center here on campus should I get super stuck anywhere. Should be interesting, and I hope I can deliver.