Hello world!

My name is Nikolas Dennis, and this is my dedicated wordpress blog for my digital studies class. I’m an English major at the University of Mary Washington, and I’m exploring the steps involved with building a website and establishing my own personal domain. Most likely I’ll be blogging about things that I find my mind stuck on, or posting drafts of work for my creative nonfiction class. I’ve written articles for a few sites in my spare time, and I invite whoever reads this to watch me grow my voice and style.

At the moment, my site architecture is very simple. I’m just learning the beginnings of HTML coding, but computer science of any kind has been a topic I’ve struggled with in my time here at school. I’ll be plugging away at new formats, but for now, enjoy my main page at nikolasdennis.com of me holding my wonderful dog Morty whilst celebrating his third birthday (I was way more excited than he was).

I love novels, Medium articles, video games, and the color green. My favorite superhero is Spider-Man, and I like to analyze the lyrics of rap songs in my free time, both the linguistic elements and clever wordplay.

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  1. What’s up man. I didn’t see the picture of you and Morty on your website, but I’m sure once you get it up and running it will look good. Hope your semester has been going well so far. Good luck with HTML.

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